Gene Solutions stands alone at the peak of knowledge regarding mitochondrial involvement with CNS disease indications. By partnering with Gene Solutions, you will have access to over two decades of research, technical know-how, processes for continued target identification and validation, and close interactions with medical experts and clinicians that will enable Gene Solutions to meet or exceed expectations. The company’s access to the tissue and blood genomic database of neurological disease is unmatched in the world today, and the skills to mine this database richly are at the heart of the company’s value proposition. Simply stated, Gene Solution can rapidly implement novel approaches to identification, diagnosis, and treatment of Central Nervous System disorders.

Our licensing or partnering strategy includes exclusive or non-exclusive access to molecular targets and know-how in a variety of disease areas or applications. Gene Solutions can perform the work in-house or can assist in technology transfer to our partners to aid the development of commercial diagnostic approaches and focused therapeutics for these unmet medical needs. The company’s integrated business development and project management, technical and clinical expertise, access to unique and valuable datasets, and lean, flexible management approach will enable us to efficiently execute our internal and partnered discovery and development programs to yield high levels of results on every project.

Gene Solutions wishes to be a flexible provider. There are a variety of ways companies can engage with Gene Solutions and we are open to creative and workable ways to advance programs of mutual interest.

For more information on partnerships contact Dr. Susan Dana Jones.